Upcoming changes to the copiers

At a recent School Board meeting, a change to our contract with Laser Resources Inc (LRI), who provides our printing services, was approved… what changes are being planned?

Our district has an existing contract with LRI that includes a certain number of copiers/equipment and a certain number of copies per quarter at the print shop and the copiers.  We’ve asked to have our number of copies reduced at the print shop and to have two additional copiers added.  The end result is… no change in our cost to LRI.  We are simply shifting resouces away from the number of copies at the print shop and adding 2 additional copiers.

Where will the new copiers go?
This past January, we collected stats on each copier in the district.  We realize that everyone thinks “their” copier breaks more than everyone elses.   However, from the usage and workorder stats, the two copiers that are used way beyond their intended capacity are:  Clive Elementary and Crossroads Park.

So if they get a new higher capacity copier, why doesn’t everyone else?
If your building has two or more copiers, then you already have both a high and medium capacity copier.  However, some of our elementaries have only a medium capacity copier –  therefore, most of the schools already have at least one high capacity copier.

What happens to the existing copiers from Clive and Crossroads Park –  can they be moved to other locations?
Yes, they will be moved to other locations.   At the end of this school year, we’ll ask LRI to take a look at the usage/breakdown stats again – to help use determine where the two medium capacity copiers will go.

Does this change mean that we’ll have less than $100 available to each certified staff member on the copiers next year?
No change is planned to this –  each certified staff member will continue to have $100 available at the copiers, and they may choose to purchase additional copies from their department/school budget if they desire.

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