Ability to update demographic information in Infinite Campus

A new feature was just enabled in Infinite Campus and that relates to our move to a District Registrar….

Parents now have the ability to send updated demographic information requests directly within Infinite Campus.  Using their parent Infinite Campus account (student accounts do NOT have this ability), parents can select the tabs for…




A few important notes on how the system works……

1) The information is NOT automatically updated into Campus. Instead, the information is sent to the District Registrar for review and then approved.  The person making the request will then receive a notification within Campus letting them know when the changes were approved.

2) You can change your legal guardianship designation with your children, but any requests to change legal guardianship for another person will be denied unless proper paperwork is provided.

Download detailed step by step directions for how to update your demographic information within Infinite Campus. (pdf file)

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