What happened to the 10,000 missing assignments?

Earlier this year, we tallied the total number of missing assignments in the district and found the grand total was just over 10,000 (reference: https://wdmtech.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/10000-missing-assignments/ ).  We then set up automated email notifications to students and parents each Thursday night, giving them the exact list of missing assignments per child. 

I was recently asked the following questions related to this….

Question: “What happened after the parent notifications were turned on… did it lower the number of missing assignments? Will we continue to send out missing assignments notices to students and parents next school year? “

Although the parent response from the notifications was extremely positive, it did NOT lower the number of missing assignments.  In fact, the number of missing assignments continued to rise the reminder of the school year.  Despite this, we are planning to continue the student/parent notifications related to missing assignments for next school year since the parent response was so positive.

NOTE: A missing assignment is defined as an assignment for which a student has received an “M” for missing.  The “M” must be manually marked by the classroom teacher – it is not an automated feature. The charts below are the total number of “M’s” marked in the grade book.

# of missing assignments per school during 4th quarter, spring 2012












# students per school that have at least one missing assignment















% of student population that has at least one missing assignment














Secondary Schools: Missing Assignments….








Secondary Schools: Students w/ at least one missing assignment…







6th Grade Missing Assignments…








6th Grade Missing Assignments…







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