My favorite elementary grade iPad apps!

My favorite elementary iPad apps, compiled by 6th grade teacher Scott Brown from Crossroads Park Elementary.

4th Grade Social Studies Apps (pdf file)

4th Grade Science Apps (pdf file)

5th Grade Social Studies Apps (pdf file)

5th Grade Science Apps (pdf file)

6th Grade Social Studies Apps (pdf file)

6th Grade Science Apps (pdf file)

4th, 5th & 6th Grade Math Apps (pdf file)

4th, 5th, & 6th Grade Lang Arts/Reading Apps (pdf file)

Other apps for 7th grade and up.. (pdf file)



Lists were compiled by…

Scott Brown, 6th grade teacher from Crossroads Park Elementary.

One thought on “My favorite elementary grade iPad apps!

  1. Sarah DeBellis

    Thanks for the lists. I find it difficult to get good Science Apps so I’ll have to check these ones out. I’ve reviewed a few Apps on my blog, but possibly the best is School Writing by Demografix. Apart from writing exercises, you can create activities across curriculum areas. They have a version for iPhone – School Fonts – that is similar but without one of the activities. I believe it is on sale in the US for 99 cents (School Fonts, that is). I look forward to reading other posts in this blog. Great to see school so “with it.”


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