NEW! Assignment submission via Infinite Campus

Today, I spent some time checking out the assignment submission feature that’s now available in our current version of Infinite Campus (v. E1226.2).  For those who want the full details, here’s the official documentation from Infinite Campus on both  Student Assignment Submission  & Student Work Product

From the teacher view…

Step 1) Enable File Submission

When adding an assignment, select ENABLE STUDENT SUBMISSION, then select either EDITOR  (allowing kids to type in their own responses) or FILE ATTACHMENTS (which allows students to submit actual Office, PDF, or picture files)

Step 2) Attach Resources to the Assignment

After entering assignment information (such as Description, References, etc), click on ATTACH RESOURCES.  This allows you to post documents with the assignment, this could include Office files, pdf files, or even pictures.  It could be used to share the grading rubrics, example projects, lists of web sites/resources.

Step 3) How students submit files

Students then visit the Campus portal, click on the assignment –  and there’s now an option for students either type in an answer and/or attach files (depending on the options that the teacher has selected)

Step 4) Files can be submitted until assignment is marked by teacher as TURNED IN

Students have the ability to upload new versions of the documents until the teacher marks them as TURNED IN.  Once marked as TURNED IN, then the files/answers can not be edited.

Step 5)Teachers can view student submitted work

For the teacher to view and grade the student work…   Open the specific assignment and on the right side of the screen (as seen below), you should see a date/time when the files were submitted, you can also click on this link to show you more details.

Step 6) Teachers can grade and provide feedback on the submitted work

On the next screen, the teacher can..  A) open and review the student work  B) provide feedback that will be directly available to the student (typed in ASSIGNMENT FEEDBACK area   and  C) Assign a grade directly into the grade book.

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