District to expand on-line purchasing options with RevTrak in September.

At the August 13th board meeting, the School Board approved a contract with RevTrak to enable the district to expand on-line purchasing options for parents.  The district has been using PaySchools for the past seven years, but has been limited to offering nutrition and transportation fees.  RevTrak will enable our district to expand on-line payments to include..

* Student fees (or any other fees within Infinite Campus)

* Transportation fees

* Community Education Classes

 How does RevTrack compare to what we are using now (PaySchools)?

PaySchools     RevTrak
Cost (to the school district) 3.35% of each transaction 3.49% of each transaction
Ability to integrate with Infinite Campus for student fees No Yes
Ability to pay transportation fees Yes Yes
Ability to pay for nutritional services Yes The district is opting to use our new nutrition software instead, as it provides access to purchase and nutrition information as well as payments.
Ability to pay for Community Education classes No Yes
Ability for the district to establish an on-line portal for optional fees (year books, apparel, etc) No Yes

Will parents see any convenience fees or surcharges on their payments?
No. Our district does not currently include or pass any convenience fees to parents through PaySchools, and our plan to continue the same practice with RevTrak.  No convenience fees will be displayed or changed to parents through RevTrak.

Will nutrition payments continue through PaySchools or RevTrak?
Nutrition payments will continue through PaySchools until the new lunch program (CyberSoft) is in place and functioning.

Why not move the nutrition payments to RevTrak so that parents can pay for everything in one place?
We’re moving the nutrition payments to Cybersoft later this year because their solution provides more functionality. For example, CyberSoft will enable parents to see lunch menus, see exact purchases that their students made, set up restrictions/limits on what students can purchase, and also allow parents to see specific nutritional information on items that are available.

When will RevTrak be available for parents?
We’re anticipating that services will be available by late Sept.

3 thoughts on “District to expand on-line purchasing options with RevTrak in September.

  1. Julia

    I’m super happy to see this. Sending money with a kid in an envelope seems unsafe, and me walking in with a check or cash is inconvenient. really happy to see this option for other fees.

    1. Brian Abeling Post author

      Hi Thomas…

      You are correct, we are running behind on this project. From a technical view, RevTrak is ready to go. In fact, we’ve been piloting RevTrak with a limited number of parents making sure it works as planned. At this time, accounting is wanting time to work out last details with reconciliation and other aspects.

      As for paying lunch fees in PaySchools – actually, you will continue to use PaySchools and won’t actually use RevTrak. RevTrak will only handle fees that are in Infinite Campus (book fee, transportation). However, our nutrition department is looking at moving away from PaySchools, as they would ideally like parents to be able to 1) pay fees 2) see menus and nutritional values of meals 3) see complete purchase histories. What we know so far is that neither RevTrak nor PaySchools will do all three of these, but they are planning to replace their core nutrition program to provide these features.

      Even though nutrition fees aren’t moving into RevTrak – if you have other fees that are due and would like to test out RevTrak, let me know, I’d be glad to get you connected with the final round of testing that is going on.

      Brian Abeling


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