New on-line staff directory coming soon!


In the next few weeks, the district will be launching a re-designed district web site.  This will include a new staff directory, allowing easier access to search for staff not only by name, but also by school, department, and other criteria.

Here’s a quick glimpse of what the directory will look like….

Q1.  Did you talk with Teachers Association about the use of the photos?
A1.  Yes, we reviewed the design of each field and item in the directory with the Teachers Association.

Q2.  Will the most current photo be used?
A2.  Ideally, yes, we would like to use the most current staff photo.  However, if a staff member has a preference for a different photo, we will certainly change the photo.  We will also make arrangements for a retake if a different photo if desired.

Q3.  When the new staff directory launches, will it contain our newest 2012 staff photos?
A3.   Unfortunately, our district’s photography company has not yet provided this falls staff photos – so we will be starting with last year’s photos and will update them as soon as the new photos are available.

Q4.  Will more information be available in the future? For example, could I have web links to my various classroom websites?
A4.  Yes, we are planning some additional fields for the directory, but do not expect them to be ready for a 2 or 3 more months.  They will include the ability to add web links that relate to the courses and/or resources that each staff member uses.  There will also be an area for listing extra-curricular or activities the staff member is involved with.

Q5.  My legal name is listed in the directory, can I request that it be changed to the name that I commonly use?  (example, my legal name is Stephen, but I would prefer Steve in the directory)
A5.  Yes, please send us any changes to regarding your name, teacher title, or other field that needs to be adjusted to Brian Abeling, and I’ll take care of them.

Q6.   Has the directory been proof read by anyone?  In other words, when the new online directory is out, will it have a bunch of errors in it?
A6.  We’ve used several sources, including the district phone directory, email, and phone system, which have been reviewed by multiple individuals.  Our intent is to make the directory as accurate as possible , however, we must recognize that errors do occur when typing that many entries.  Please contact us right away if there are errors that need to be corrected.

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