What percentage of families have email?

I was asked, “How many families have email in our district?”  Since email is stored by person and not by family, we have to alter the question to…

“How many students have at least one guardian with a valid email address?”

 % students with at least 1 guardian with email 2012 2010
Jordan Creek Elementary School 98% 94%
Fairmeadows Elementary School 94% 90%
Westridge Elementary School 94% 83%
Valley High School 93% 92%
Indian Hills Junior High School 92% 90%
Crossroads Park Elementary School 91% 89%
Stilwell Junior High School 91% 89%
Western Hills Elementary School 90% 96%
Valley Southwoods  High School 90% 93%
Clive Elementary School 85% 79%
Walnut Creek Campus 81% 74%
Crestview Elementary School 76% 75%
Phenix Early Childhood Center 76% 63%
Hillside Elementary School 73% 62%

Q1.  As a teacher, is there an easy way to tell if a student does not have an email for either guardian? As this would help me identify families that need to contacted through other means.

A1.  Yes…  In the same picture below, there is a symbol displayed for individuals who do not have a guardian with email.  This symbol helps you understand that email notifications are appropriate for these students/families.

Q2. As a school, can we easily get a list of which students/families do not have an email address in the system, so we can make arrangements to provide the same information or to contact them to see if an email address is available?

A2. Yes…  within Campus, open CENSUS > REPORTS  and select  *No Email Guardian Contact Report.

Q3. Were these stats run based off all email addresses in the system  – or where they validated to ensure that the address actually works?

A3. The stats were run off all students in Infinite Campus  –  AND we also just finished verifying and validating all parent email addresses to ensure they were correct.

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