Are missing assignment notifications helping?

About a year ago, we started using Infinite Campus to send out weekly email notifications to both parents and students that had active missing assignments.  Are the notifications helping?

How have parents reacted to the notices?
Although a very limited number of parents have requested not to receive the notices – most have expressed appreciation for the weekly notices that help keep track of missing assignments.  In fact, many have reported that this is one of their favorite features of the system.

If parents feel that it’s working and helping them… then how are the numbers?  Are notifications driving down the numbers?
Although families are reporting appreciation for the notices, the overall number of missing assignments is still comparable to previous semester (about 12,000 missing assignments per semester on average).

Here’s a look at the specifics….

1 missing assignments.


Sept 2013 thru Jan 2013 total number of missing assignments

Sept 2013 thru Jan 2013 total number of missing assignments



3 student counts


4 student counts

Aug 2012 thru Jan 2013: Number of student who had at least one missing assignment

2 thoughts on “Are missing assignment notifications helping?

  1. Kelsey Hudson

    Thank you very much for these details. I appreciate your blog and that you are trying to make sure all of our technology is effective for students!

    1. Brian Abeling Post author

      You’re welcome. I’m always worried about displaying the details, as some folks feel that this portrays that we wish missing assignments didn’t exist or shouldn’t be used – and that isn’t correct. Personally, I’d also prefer that we mark M and make students do the work to show that the assignment was important and it was assigned for a reason.


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