Committee to study “why?” related to 1:1 technology

1:1 study committeeAs announced last week, the school board has requested a committee to study the “why” related to 1:1 technology. (for more info, see:  Our next steps are to identify who will be on the study team, which is outlined in the information below.

What tasks will the group *NOT* be responsible for?

  1. No discussing devices: There is no need to compare technology devices – we do NOT have approval for deploying 1:1
  2. No discussing roll out plans:  There is no need to discuss which grade levels and/or which schools are impacted.
  3.  No discussing time frames:  There is NO approval for 1:1, so the time frame / deployment options does not need to be discussed at this time.

What tasks/questions will the group be responsible for?

  1. What are the pros / cons of providing devices to students?
  2. What are the benefits and anticipated results of going 1:1? If we did 1:1, what do we expect to see as results?
  3. What specific benefits are other districts seeing as a result of 1:1?
  4. Gauge community (staff, parents, community) interest in 1:1

When will the group meet?

  • First meeting:  Feb 18th, 4pm to 6pm at the LRC
  • Second meeting: Feb 26th, 4pm to 6pm at the LRC
  • Following the 2nd meeting, we are anticipating some visits to other in-state districts to study why they are doing 1:1 and what results they are expecting.
  • Next meeting: date has not been set, but expect to share visits and compile results.

What is the make up of the study committee membership?

  • Each 7-12 school will have a number of representatives:  VHS(4), VSW (2), WCC(2), ST(2), IH(2).  
  • Elementary schools will have a total of (4) individuals. 
  • We’ll also be seeking administrators and parents, along with two school board members.

I’m interested in being on the group – who do I talk to?

  • 7-12 Staff:  Contact your building principal to let them know you are interested. Each 7-12 school may use their own process to decide their representatives.
  • K-6 Staff:  Contact Brian Abeling to let him know you are interested.  He’ll work with elementary principals to make the final determination on the elementary spots.
  • Parents:  Interested parents should contact Brian Abeling (

If the meetings are outside of contract time, will teachers be compensated?

Yes, teachers will be compensated for any meetings outside of contract time.  At this time, we’re anticipating 3 meetings outside of the normal work day.

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