Sending 21 people to the Iowa 1:1 Conference!

i11ilogoThis year, our district is sending 21 individuals to the Iowa 1:1 conference on April 4th at the Iowa Event Center.  The conference is dedicated to helping Iowa’s 1:1 districts learn from each other about innovative teaching, learning, and administrative practices.

Participants include not only teachers, but also administrators, parents, and school board members.  Participants were selected from the district’s 1:1 study team that is researching topics related to 1:1 this spring.  Visit   for more information on our district’s 1:1 study team.

At this time (March 17th), this years sessions are not available, however, if you’d like to see last years sessions including videos, please visit:


Participants include………..

1. Andi Lipman

2. Liz Brennan

3. Ross Bower

4. Bret Miller

5. Carrie Jacobs

6. Natalie French

7. Jessica Novelli

8. Brooke Dey

9. Scott Brown

10. Adam Ponsor

11. Bob Davis

12 Kerry Ketcham

13. David Feingold

14. Julia McGuire

15. Jana Edwards

16. Kevin Neal

17. Karl Goldsmith

18. Brian Abeling

19. Jackie Neuberger

20 Kathy Talbot

21. Kelsey Hudson

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