What I found while cleaning my office during spring break…

In about a month, our district’s administrative office will close for construction (see this for more details). This week, which was our spring break, many of us have been busy cleaning up and moving out.  As I cleaned out all filing cabinets, bookcases, and files, I found the following items…

 Microsoft Mouse Charger, version 1.0

Microsoft Mouse Charger, version 1.0  Early version of a wireless mouse that went back on this pad to charge.
 Does ever Technology Director get one of these sent to the mailbox?

Does every Technology Director get  these sent to their mailbox?
   Need an extra 50Mb of space? We've got a parallel port external drive just for you!

Need an extra 50Mb of space? We’ve got a parallel port external drive just for you! Good luck finding a parallel port.
 1989 Tech Plan

A copy of our district technology plan from 1989.
 Paper Tie

A paper tie, made by my daughter Carrie, who thinks I should wear ties more often.
 Mavica CDs

156Mb CDs for the Sony Mavica. Don’t have the camera anymore, but still have plenty of CDs.


The original Apple Newton, which still powers on. If my iPad dies, I’ll just go back to using this…


Cartoon from our IBM days. If you’ve been in the district long enough, you’ll appreciate the humor.


A copy of our 1997 technology budget – on a transparency!  No irony here.


Before the iPhone, this was a hot item – the HP ipaq.

School Vista

School Vista software and manuals…. oh, that was the day.

Stories and More...

Ok… Stories & More was actually one of the things from IBM that I actually liked.

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