Changes to Infinite Campus Messenger

For our school offices…

Over spring break, an update to Infinite Campus has provided some enhancements and changes to how our school offices will use messenger to deliver notifications to parents and students.

For parents:  The only change is that you will now see an occasional attachment included with the messages that come from offices and/or teachers.  Otherwise, there will be no change from the parent view.

For school offices that send out notifications via Infinite Campus, there are two changes…

1) A messenger can now be composed and sent all from one single screen.

2) One attachment can now be included with each message. 

NOTICE about attachments:  You can only attach one file per email.  Also, please understand that attached files can cause problems with email delivery.  Please be aware of the size of the attached file’s size.  Large attachments may not be accepted by the recipient’s email server.  Some servers will also reject email with certain types of attachments(.exe .zip).  Typically, PDF and MS Office type files are pretty safe however.

Messenger best practices:   While copying and pasting text from Word is quick, it creates a lot of unexpected results (strange characters, etc…) that can really muddle up the message.  So, it is much safer to compose the message within the message builder tool.  If this is not feasible, here are a few characters that should be manually deleted in Message Builder and retyped manually: quotes, apostrophes, long dashes,  or anything else that Word might auto-change/format.

Please also remember that all Messenger emails are “from” a generic email address and not your personal address.  So, be sure to identify who you are early in the message otherwise parents and students may not know who the message is from.




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