Why 1:1?

The following is a collection of sites and resources put together during our district’s 1:1 study.

What does the research say?

What does the research say about school one-to-one computing initiatives?  by Nicholas Sauers and Scott McLeod, 28 Oct 2011

Research Says… / One-to-One Laptop Programs Are No Silver Bullet   by Bryan Goodwin Feb 2011

Project RED: The research  and  the findings  Published by Project RED, 2010

Why One-to-One: Research and Best Practices from Kent School District, Washington


Why do schools implement 1:1?

Why 1:1?  Why Chromebooks?  by Jason Markey, 17 Sept 2012

Our Journey to 1:1  by TJ Shay, 20 Jan 2013

Benefits of 1:1 in the English Classroom by Shaelynn Farnsworth & Karen Hammers

Why 1:1?  Bremen High School

Why 1:1?   Spring Lake Parks Schools, Minnesota

Why every student should be in a 1:1 classroom. (Differentiation)  by K. Walsh  18 Apr 2012

What schools in Iowa are currently implementing 1:1 programs?

Google map showing which Iowa districts are implementing 1:1 programs  

1:1 laptop initiatives in Iowa [Video] by Scott McLeod 10 Jul 2011

General articles, tips, advice about 1:1….

Implementing a 1:1 Program, Nick Sauers, 19 Mar 2013

Feedback from 1:1 pilot in St Paul Schools,  collected by Julia McGuire 11 Apr 2013

1 student, 1 laptop proves costly by Sarah Lemagie 21 Nov 2010

Seeing No Progress, Some Schools Drop Laptops by Winnie Hu  4 May 2007

4 Tips to Make a Laptops-in-School Program Succeed by Lynette Owens 9 Jan 2013

6 pillars of a 1:1 initiative  by Brett Clark  16 Jan 2013

How 1:1 Technology is making school more real by Jeff Dunn  30 Apr 2012

Technology integration by design by Kristen Swanson 29 Jan 2013

North Country School Increase Collaboration and Brings Learning into the 21st Century,  Case Study by Google.

1:1 Computing: More than devices  by Eliot Levinson 14 Jan 2013

Our School would be better off without iPads  by Jeff Dunn  21 Mar 2013

Other general articles…

The Tech-Driven Classroom is here, but grades are mixed.  by James Marshall Crotty  21 Aug 2012

4 questions to ask before implementing educational technology by Neven Jurkovic  12 Jul 2012

Chromebooks for Eduction Case Study: KIPP Academy  dated 6 Jul 2011

Forward Learning Video, District 123, Oak-Lawn Hometown, Illinois

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