What our students think of 1:1

During the month of April, we released a short survey to parents, students, and staff inquiring about their interest in 1:1 (providing a mobile technology device to students for educational purposes).

We asked only three questions related to 1:1…

Q1. Are you interested in the district pursuing 1:1 for students? (Yes, No, or Not Sure)

Q2. What do you see as the advantages or benefits for why we should investigate 1:1? (a mobile device for students)

Q3. What do you see as the concerns or problems related to 1:1? (providing a mobile device for students)

Download/View the full survey responses from students  


Below is a summary of the most frequent student comments along with sample quotes….

Benefits: organization and productivity.

“Some students don’t have access to devices that are becoming essential”

“it would allow students to be more productive”

“I would be better organized”

“I see nothing but advantages.  The world is evolving and computers are a must now”

Level the playing field.

“Every student regardless of socioeconomic background would have the resources to complete their work on time.”


“If you are buying us computers, I want a nice, expensive, lightweight computer with…
* 15 inch widescreen
* bluetooth
* number keypad
* 3 USB ports
* wireless mouse
* full access to ALL settings
* no parental restrictions
* no ability for district to track my usage
* medical compensation for back problems resulting from the district providing insufficient technology requiring me to bring my own.
Unless you are prepared to meet those demands, it’s A WASTE OF MONEY.”

Cost concerns…

“Cost of buying these devices for all students…  where could the money be spent otherwise?”

“It seems a little unnecessary since the technology is readily available at school. Maybe for specific classes or units it may be beneficial but otherwise it seems like a waste of money.. and I’m a student!”

Other quotes…

“The majority of kids would use the mobile device for slacking and goofing off”

“Honestly, the only downside would be the possibility of students breaking it”

“I do not want technology to take the place of a teacher at all.  I do see an advantage to having both, though”

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