What our parents think of 1:1

During the month of April, we released a short survey to parents, students, and staff inquiring about their interest in 1:1 (providing a mobile technology device to students for educational purposes).

We asked only three questions related to 1:1…

Q1. Are you interested in the district pursuing 1:1 for students? (Yes, No, or Not Sure)

Q2. What do you see as the advantages or benefits for why we should investigate 1:1? (a mobile device for students)

Q3. What do you see as the concerns or problems related to 1:1? (providing a mobile device for students)

Download/View the full survey responses from Parents 


Below is a summary of the most frequent comments along with sample quotes….

It’s the real world, this is how students learn and play now.

“This is the way they will work in real world.”

“We will continue to see an increase in technology usages in the real world, why not get our gets used to it in the classroom?”

Desire to go “green”  

The survey contained many responses that expressed a desire for digital textbooks, reduce printing costs, and overall “green” movement.

“It will allow digital textbooks.”

‘”No longer a need for textbooks to be carried around”

“Reduce printing and consumable costs”

Others are doing it, why aren’t we?  

“I see lots of small communities that provide laptops to all students. How/why can they do it and not WDMCSD?”

“West Des Moines students are falling behind, and their lack of access to devices is part of the problem.”

Benefits: organization tool for students  

“One of the best uses…  learn planning skills, planning tools, keep track of homework assignments.”

Already too much technology…

“I don’t see an advantage… students already have access to appropriate technology”

Level the playing field.

“There are families that can’t afford computers for their children, so it’s only fair that each child has the same tools.”

“The demographics have changed, many families can’t afford technology for their children”

“There is a need to level the playing field. However, I don’t think the district has to foot the bill for every student.  My son doesn’t need one from the district.”

“The only advantage is to level the playing field.  The majority of WDM families have the means to provide devices.  Would a checkout system work for those who need access?”

“Some kids can’t afford the device and teachers almost assume and expect that they have one.”

It’s the parents choice, not the schools.

“it steps on parent rights, this isn’t the schools decision, it’s mine as a parent”

“I DO NOT want to be responsible for the added expense of lost/damaged devices”

Financial concerns

“The school district doesn’t need to spend resources on mobile devices for students when it continually is telling the legislature that it doesn’t have enough resources for basic needs.”

“School systems historically can not keep pace with the changing devices.  Providing outdated hardware will not be a benefit.  They (students) will leapfrog anything the WDM school system would give them.”

“Sounds great on the surface, major problems will occur.  The only way this works is each family pays for their own device.”

“The district can barely function on its current budget; how will it function on the added expenses of 1:1 devices”

Stick to the basics…

“I worry about sacrificing the basics”

“This is an unnecessary want and expense.  Focus on teaching the basics… like Iowa did in the 70’s and 80’s when our schools were #1 in the nation.”

“Our children are not lacking exposure to technology.  They need core curriculum”

Other quotes…

“The best thing you can do is to educate parents/public on what the intentions are…”

“There is no substantive reason why you are pursuing this.  You are either being pressured  by vendors… or are trying to pursue technology because its is cool to do so.”

“I do believe students should strive to get 1:1, however, I believe mobile devices should stay in the school.”

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