What our staff thinks of 1:1

During the month of April, we released a short survey to parents, students, and staff inquiring about their interest in 1:1 (providing a mobile technology device to students for educational purposes).

We asked only three questions related to 1:1…

Q1. Are you interested in the district pursuing 1:1 for students? (Yes, No, or Not Sure)

Q2. What do you see as the advantages or benefits for why we should investigate 1:1? (a mobile device for students)

Q3. What do you see as the concerns or problems related to 1:1? (providing a mobile device for students)

Download/View the full survey responses from staff 


Below is a summary of the most frequent staff comments along with sample quotes….


“I teach special education, and I can see this benefiting all of my students with no disadvantages.”

“Student struggle with writing and this would help them”

“I could provide better feedback to my students”

“I think it would allow us to raise expectations for students”

“It would help students become better organized, encourage teachers to bring more technology use into the classroom and it would reduce the time wait for students to get logged in”

“We can move away from purchasing textbooks.  We will be able to create assessments that be graded more quickly and efficiently.”

“It would be far easier to differentiate for each student”


“Really, I see it as a convenience factor. It’s a way to get standardized testing done and to go paperless.  It’s also a way to appease parents.  While that’s noble, is that really what we should invest in at the moment?”

“The only advantage…. prestige for the district”

“I think we would have issues with adequate tech support”

“Another screen that will increase their already distracted behavior”

“Our school has so many laptop computers and computer labs for our students – I just do not see the need at this time”

“The districts that are using 1:1 don’t have nearly the number of computers we do, so they needed them for a different reason…. we don’t have a reason.”

“How much worse will classroom management be?”

“More iPads in the classroom? Yes.  One for every student?  Waste of student time and taxpayer dollars.”

Other quotes…

“Our kids are digital natives… I think 1:1 is more of a WHEN than IF”

“I would not be adverse to 1:1 laptop situation… BUT I think WDMCS needs to think carefully through all scenarios BEFORE implementation.”

2 thoughts on “What our staff thinks of 1:1

  1. Lisa Demuth

    I see it as leveling the playing field between the haves and the have nots. The divide between students from families who can afford technology and those families who cannot afford it would be narrowed by the 1:1 effort, as I understand it. I am all for it. Let’s do what’s best for kids rather than what’s convenient for us.

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