Life in the Construction Zone

Our district administrative office (known as the Learning Resource Center or LRC) are currently under construction and everyone has moved out to a temporary location…  well, I should say almost everyone.   Our network engineer, Scott Crothers, and myself have stayed in the building during construction since our district’s server room is at this location.  Of course, living in the construction zone brings us a slew of frequent questions, such as….

Q1.  Why are you staying at the LRC?
A1.  Because the server room is located here and the services must continue to run throughout the entire construction project.

Q2.  Do you expect any problems in technology services because of the construction?
A2.  Yes.. in fact, last week we had a district-wide phone outage due some wiring being moved and we’re expecting that something else will likely happen along the way, so it’s best that we are here on-site to handle those issues.

Q3. Do you actually wear a hard helmet to work each day?
A3.  Yes… we are required to wear a hard helmet into and out of work each day.

Q4. What about while you’re in the office… do you have to wear it all day long?
A4. No, not at our desks, just while walking into, through, and out of the building.

Q5.  Is it true there’s no bathroom in the LRC?
A5.  Yes, this is true – none of the bathrooms in the building are functional, however, there is a porta-potty in the parking lot.  Of course, let’s just say that I’m visiting the public library more frequently than I normally do.

Q6. So what’s the progress look like… how are things coming along?
A6.  Here’s some recent shots of the progress….

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