We’re ready for summer printing

WDM Staff…

It’s that time of year again to be thinking about sending your summer print orders to the district printshop.  As we have in the past, we will again offer 2 choices for sending in summer print jobs.

Send us a hardcopy.
If you choose this version, we will look at what you have left in your printing budget in printgroove and run your jobs until you have no money left, then we will hold the rest of your jobs till after July 1st when the new budget comes into effect

Submit your jobs electronically via printgroove
Using this option, we’ll print as much as we can with your existing balance and when you  reach a $0.00 balance, then we’ll hold the rest of the printing until July 1st when your account is refreshed.  

Please try to send/submit jobs early as to avoid the beginning of school craziness.  We want the beginning of next year to be a smooth transition for everyone.  Thank you and have a wonderful summer break.

Laurie Heald
WDMCS Printshop Facilities Manager

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