Our 1:1 study team findings…

In May 2013, our district’s 1:1 study team reported back to our school board on our progress.   The study teams was NOT responsible for any decisions related to 1:1, including device selection, time frames, and other decisions. Instead, the group studied the topic and reported back to the board on several key questions.

Here are the segments of the presentation that were made to the school board.

Overview of our district study team….

Who participated? What did they do?  What are the key questions they set out to answer?

What does our community think of 1:1?

This segment gives a summary of the survey results that included..

What our parents think of 1:1

What our student think of 1:1

What our staff thinks of 1:1

Cost ranges and factors related to 1:1

The following video clip is the cost information shared with our school board during May 2013.

What does the research show about 1:1?

The following video clip is an overview of the research about 1:1.

What we learned from studying 1:1

A summary of the main findings and thoughts from our 1:1 study team.

What Brian learned from our 1:1 study

Our technology director, Brian Abeling, participated in all the conferences and school visits and provided his perspective during the final 1:1 study team meeting.

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