Summer 2013 Technology Work at Westridge and Valley High School

IMG_0072Each summer there are locations impacted by various summer construction work.  This summer, we’ll have both Westridge and Valley High School heavily impacted by construction.  Here’s a look at the specific technology outages that will happen at each of these locations.

Westridge Elementary……………………..

Everything is being moved out of Westridge, as the entire facility is under renovation this summer.  Here’s a look at the timeline for what’s moving out of the building and when.

May 30th:  The computer lab will be removed, and then the techs will start removing classroom computers as well.

June 3rd and 4th:  ceiling mounted AV systems will be removed starting on June 3rd.

June 5/6th,  In the afternoon of June 5th,  wireless access points will removed.

June 6th work will include…

      1. Remove all printers
      2. Move office to temp location
      3. Remove all phones
      4. Move copiers out – they will be stored for the summer.

Valley High School…………………………………

This summer a significant portion of Valley is closed due to construction. Basically, the new 3 story (science, cafeteria, etc) and the 2 story are open and everything else is closed.  Here’s a list of dates/tasks that we are aware of…

June 6th – move offices out, also moving technology of classrooms in the NE section of the school

June 6th – the wiring closet that is north of the field house will be dismantled completely, which will disable phones, computers, wireless, and all network traffic in that area of the building.  In addition, the wiring closet that services the west end of the building (band and athletics) is also being turned off for renovation work.

June 6/7th:  The wiring closet on the east side of Valley (room 137) is being dismantled due construction in that area.  All classrooms on the far east side of the school will be without network access throughout the entire summer.

June 6th/7th:  Access Points that provide wireless internet will be removed from the classrooms in the NE corner of the building, as well as from the far west end of Valley.

NOTICE: July 8th:  Network outage for all of Valley High School.

Due to construction needs, there will be a building-wide network outage of all computer, wireless, and phone access that will cover all of Valley High School starting on July 8th.  We are expecting that phones and computers will be back in service for the school offices sometime on July 9th, but the rest of the building will get services back over the next 7 days.

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