New family registration in August

registration2Q1. I’ve heard the district will still offer new family registration in August, is this correct?  Aren’t they required to visit the District Registrar?
A1. Yes, this August each school will continue to offer new family registration at their school site as they have done before in prior years.  The paper work and verifications are required to go through the district registrar, but the family does not have to physically visit the district registrar.  In fact, during this past school year, most new families registered without having to physically visit the registrar’s office.

Q2. What happens if a new family visits the school on the new family registration day in August – and they haven’t completed anything yet with the district registrar, does the school then send them over to the district offices?
A2. No…  New families can fill out the necessary paperwork at the school building.  (In fact, schools can let Joy Zuber know how many new family packets you’d like, and we’ll send them to your school office so they are available).  The families are welcome to fill out the paperwork at the school, and then the paperword can then be directed to the District Registrar for processing.

Q3. Will the schools be able to get same day service during the new family registration?  In other words, if the family has everything needed (including address verification), can we get them registered that same day?
A3.  Yes, we are bringing in extra help during summer months and through August new family registration to help process new families as quickly as we can.

Q4.  What if the family visits the District Registrar over the summer and completes everything that the district needs… will the family still be directed to visit the school on the new family registration?
A4. We know that some schools have additional information that they want from families, so we can will direct them to your new family registration unless you tell us otherwise.

Q5. Can the district registrar come to our school during new family registration to help families?
A5.  No.  Since all new family registrations are on the same date, the district registrar is not able to be at all schools at one time.  Instead, we will be at the district offices ready to field questions and handle new family registrations.

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