EdCamp is coming to Crestview Elementary Sept 28th, 2013


Saturday, Sept 28th  EdCamp is coming to Des Moines – and specifically to Crestview Elementary.

What is EdCamp?
It’s a free event where educators gather to share and collaborate on topics of their choosing.  There are no official presenters/guest speakers.  Instead, the group creates a schedule of interested topics the morning of the event.  Read more at:  http://www.edutopia.org/blog/why-edcamp-kristen-swanson

Where can I find more specifics about the EdCamp Des Moines?
Website is:  https://sites.google.com/site/edcampdsmia/home

Which classrooms will be used?
The event will be using the cafeteria, media center, art room, and most of the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classrooms.

If my room is being used – what do I need to be aware of?
Just as you would for any other community group using the building – we’d ask that you make sure that any valuables or items that need to be protected are put away.

It looks like registration is already full… is there any way I can still attend?
Yes, you’re still welcome to attend.  It’s a free event – so we won’t turn you away!

Why is this happening at Crestview?
The organizers of EdCamp Des Moines were looking for a location in the Des Moines metro area.  Several Crestview and district staff stepped up to offer Crestview as a potential site.  Several CV staff and district staff will  on site to help manage the event.

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