Update on email routing issues…

While I was out on vacation, several email carriers flagged @wdmcs.org emails and labeled us as a known spam source, which created issues for WDM staff members to use email to reach parents/community members using specific email carriers.

Short version is this:   After working on the issue for the past 4 days (most of the work/changes done to resolve the issue was done yesterday), we are down to having issues with @mchsi.com only.  As of this morning, we validated that the remaining carriers (aol and yahoo) were cleared up.

All the details… the story/status with each specific email carrier.

MediaCom @mchsi.com……………….
MediaCom received enough complaints from their users that they flagged us as a known spam source.  Tech support originally released the block on Tuesday, but we were added back on Thursday morning.  The current status is that none of our messages are getting through to @mchsi.com, but we do have another ticket open with them to see if we can resolve the issue again.

Aol also received a large number of complaints from their users about our email, however, AOL was kind enough to share with me the exact emails that caused the problems.  Unfortunately, the emails were our Campus messenger blasts reminding families of upcoming registration, so it’s not really spam, but the families submitted to aol as spam.  I finished up working with AOL yesterday and the tests from this morning are showing that everything is cleared up with aol, however, we be monitoring it over the next few days.

Yahoo also labeled us a spam source based on the fact that other carriers did it as well.  They didn’t acknowledge any complaints from their users, it appears that they just followed suit since the other carriers did it.  Again, from testing this morning, the yahoo routing is testing out ok.

Will this be a problem again this year?
Potentially, yes, I believe it will.  It’s an issue of reputation.  Once your email domain (@wdmcs.org) has been flagged by major carriers as spam, they lower your email reputation (sort of like a credit rating). It’s likely that we’ll have to keep closer tabs on email routing, at least for the next several months.


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