Had enough SPAM?

Does ever Technology Director get one of these sent to the mailbox?

Had enough?

Had enough yet?

Since the start of school, our staff has seen a significant increase in incoming spam.  We’ve been following the recommendations from the company,  including various changes to the system and even updating to a newer version.  However, none of the suggestions are making things better, in fact, there seems to be more spam getting through since the upgrade.

A few weeks ago, we stated that if the problem wasn’t resolved, that we would shop for another solution – and that time has come.

We have a competitive product that we’d like to test out, but wanted to make sure that staff was aware that changing products will mean….

1) Staff will no longer receive the daily spam summary emails (none of the other competitors had this feature).  Instead, there is a website that you have to visit in order to see any messages that are blocked.

2) We will copy over as many of our existing preferences as we can – but its likely that shifting to a new product will likely allow more spam through for a short time period.  At least until we can adjust the system after its up and running.

3) Good news – the solution we will test allows each person to set their own preference relating to how much or how little spam you can tolerate.  This will be a welcomed addition, as each user tends to have a different tolerance level.

At this time, we have a competitive solution on-site and are working to configure it.  It will likely be later this week before we can put in place for testing.

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