Infinite Campus Password Reset Enhancement

If you haven’t encountered it yet, you will the next time you log into Infinite Campus . . .

In order to protect your privacy and security, Infinite Campus has been updated with a new security feature that will require you to update your security preferences.  This Password Reset functionality allows you, as a user, to recover and modify your Campus account password without the need for district intervention.

Infinite Campus users are allowed to defer setting those preferences TWICE, but on the third login attempt, the system will force the process.  So be ready!

Below are the two preference choices that are required:

Set User Account Recovery Email
Enter your email address. This must be a valid email address and we suggest using your district email address. Password recovery is done through a unique URL sent to this email address. Failure to provide a legitimate email address means an inability to recover your password.

Set User Preferences
Set up your Likes and Dislikes selections.  You’ll need to make sure that a total of 8 Likes and 8 Dislikes images populate the Your Selection area prior to saving.

So . . . in the screenshot example shown below, in the left window, you will need to click on eight pictures that represent things you like or prefer. In the window on the right, click on eight pictures that represent things you dislike or do not prefer. In either window, you may choose pictures from one or multiple tabs. Your selections will appear in the Your Selection window and they will be used to help you reset your password should the need arise.

To change one of your selections, click on the picture to remove it and add a different one. You must have eight likes and eight dislikes selected in order to save. You can return and edit your selections at any time from the Account Preferences menu option inside Campus.


**To process your preferences, you’ll need to type your current password, then click on the Save Changes button.**

If you do happen to forget your password, all you have to do is click on the Forgot your password? link at the bottom of the login screen for Infinite Campus.


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