Recap of EdCamp Des Moines #edcampdsm

IMG_3559On Saturday, approximately 150 educators from around the Midwest visited Crestview Elementary for EdCamp Des Moines. What is EdCamp?  It’s a free event where educators gather to share and collaborate on topics of their choosing.  There are no official presenters/guest speakers.  Instead, the group creates a schedule of interested topics the morning of the event.  For more information on what an EdCamp is, visit Kristen Swanson’s article “Why EdCamp

How was the turn out?
In person, we had approximately 150 people, mostly from Iowa and Nebraska, but also from Minnesota and Oklahoma.  Via twitter, we had  224 contributors and 1,467 tweets using the #edcampdsm hashtag.  For more twitter stats, visit the #edcampdsm Twitter stats, put together by Brent Catlett (@catlett1).  In addition, we also made the morning sessions available via live streaming through Google Hangouts – and had approximately 108 views.

Posts and reflections from EdCamp Des Moines participants…….

Are you my friend?  #EdcampDSM by Barb Gilman (@BarbInNebraska)

Reflections from EdCamp Des Moines by Jamie Fath (@jamiefath)

#EdCamp and Twitter promote personal connections by Devin Schoening (@dschoening)

EdCamp Des Moines Reflections by Mande Gamble (@techytweecher)

Post EdCamp Reflections  by Patrick Donovan (@donovan_science)

EdCamp Des Moines Thoughts & Reflections by Brent Catlett (@catlett1)

EdCamp Des Moines = Close Reading  by Fran McVeigh (@franmcveigh)

Barb Day’s EdCamp Post by Barbara Day (@BarbaraDay)

EdCamp Des Moines Schedule

Special thanks to Jamie Fath, @jamiefath, for organizing EdCamp Des Moines – she handled all of the organization, the registration process, T-shirts, finding sponsors, ordering food, you name it and Jamie was involved. Great job Jamie!

Thank you to ITEC for donating refreshments, as well as the many vendors who provided door prizes.  Also thank you to John Villotti, building principal at Crestview Elementary for allowing us to host the event in their space – we had great reviews that it was a great location.  Thank you to Ann Reynolds (@reynoldsa) for contributing photos for the mosaic below.

4 thoughts on “Recap of EdCamp Des Moines #edcampdsm

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