CodeDay Iowa to be held on Nov 9th

StudentRND, a non-profit is working hard to get high school and college students interested in technology and self-learning by hosting an event called CodeDay Iowa: a 24-hour event where students have the opportunity to meet local tech companies, meet friends, and make games or apps. Oriented toward students who do not already know anything about writing apps or games, my goal is to encourage young builders and creatives by showing them that they have the ability to make cool things here and now.

They just announced that they are running CodeDay Iowa this November 9th (Veteran’s Day weekend). They are really excited to bring a program that has been proven a successful model in such regions like Seattle, Los Angeles, and Portland to Iowa.

For more information, visit:

Tickets are currently $10 for an early bird special until November 4th. After that they will be $20. So if you could inform your students of that I would greatly appreciate. To help bring down the cost even more your students can use the code: WDMCS to receive 50% off so they can get their tickets for just $5.

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