More staff laptop options!

Our district recently announced the replacements of our staff laptops (previously posted info).  On Jan 23rd, we had our first session and we had approximately 62 people exchange their old laptop for the new laptop. Overall, I think things went really well. In fact, all 62 participants finished the entire process in under 3 hours, with many finishing in under 2 hours.

For the next few weeks, our laptop exchange sessions will be reserved specifically of staff who have already taken the 15hr laptop course and have the current HP6455b laptop.

However, we are now opening additional sessions that schedule for Feb and March, for the following scenarios….

1) Salaried staff who do NOT have a laptop, but would like to take just the four hour course to get the laptop.  Please register for a class using this site:

2) If you currently have a laptop –  but its NOT the HP6455b (its probably an older model), then your upgrade path starts with… Email Brian Abeling, to let him know what model you currently have.  I’ll then work with you to determine whether you need help backing up your files and then I’ll direct you to the right course options for where you can get your new laptop through a 4 hour course.

3) If you want the 15hr credit option –  that means you have the HP6455b laptop and you want the new laptop, but you’d like to earn the 15hr credit for licensing renewal or for Drake credit.  We’ve decided that there’s no way we can stretch the content related to the laptop to make it 15 hrs, but have come up with the following idea.  

Step 1)  Sign up for an existing laptop exchange course (which takes approx. 3 hrs)  Sign up is available at:

NEXT..  Step 2) Participants will then sign up for a future 12 hour course related to either Microsoft Office 2013, Google Apps, or related content.  At this time, we do not have dates/times for these courses, but we have a group of trainers who will working on that class during Feb and we’re hoping to have the classes available starting in March.

Q. What if I’ve already taken the laptop course for Drake Credit, can I still get additional credit for the new course?
A.  We are working to design the course so that the content is different – which will allow you to receive Drake credit.

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