Wonky Internet

Frustration! from Bev Sykes

Frustration! from Bev Sykes

What’s going on with our Internet Access?  Some days it’s ok – but most of the time it’s randomly slow. I might visit a web site and it’s fine – but then the very next link I click on, it’s as if the Internet suddenly died.  What gives?
Our primary internet provider, AEA11/ICN has been having on going issues with their web filtering.  They’ve been working on the issue for the past few weeks and even removed the device that was related to the issue. However, as of this morning (Monday Feb 10th), it appears that the issue has returned despite having the problem equipment replaced.

So, now what?
We’ve been talking with AEA11 about having us routed around the problem  – and that is still being worked on.

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