Feb 21st Google Day

On Feb 21st, our 7-12 professional development day was focused primarily on Google Apps.   It was a conference style schedule with leveled courses that allowed teachers to select the exact sessions to make their own personalized schedule.

Documentation and notes from the Google Training are posted at: http://tinyurl.com/wdmcsgoogle

At the end of the day, we collected feedback from the staff.  Here’s the overall summary, as well a link to the full list of feedback from staff.

What we liked about the PD day. What went well…………….

  • Having choice!
  • I was able to pick the sessions that were best for me!
  • Well organized
  • We had hands on time in each session.


Suggestions for the future PD….

  • Better clarification is needed on the course titles, for example, can move back to labeling them as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced?
  • Do this again!
  • Keep doing this – do this EVERY year!
  • more work time sessions, where we can apply what we’ve learned
  • Have another day just like this one next fall.




2 thoughts on “Feb 21st Google Day

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