Online Registration turn out very low…

At the start of April, we began notifying parents that both online registration and online book payments were available.   Here’s a quick update on the status and next steps…

Q1.  What is the response rate so far? Are most families utilizing the online option to update their family information and confirm they are attending next year?
A1.  Unfortunately, the response rate is very low…   so far, only 12% of students are registered for next year.

Q2.  Is the low response rate related to whether families have computer/internet access?
A2.  No, 12% is the overall district rate and there is no school above 14% return.  We’re not seeing any relationship between different economic status, as the return rate for all schools has an extremely low response rate.

Q3. Why such a low response rate? And what’s being done about?
A3.  There’s likely a variety of reasons for low response rate –  including that parents are used to receiving this information via paper.  For now, we are going to continue to promote the tool and do our best to increase the return rate and then we will let schools send the paper version home via the mail or student backpacks.

Q4. I saw a copy of the very first message that was sent out to parents and I thought it was pretty confusing – can we change the wording to clarify things and get a better response rate?
A4. Yes, we did change the wording and it did increase our response rate to the current rate of 12%.  However, we are looking to change the message again to get a higher return rate.

Q5.  When will the registration be closed?
A5. Our target date for closing the registration was May 1st –  however, we’ll review that after we make some additional attempts to increase the return rate.

Q6.  What happens after the registration is closed?
A6.  After registration is closed, we will provide each school with a list of those who still need to have registration information mailed home at the start of May.




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