Stop! Don’t use Internet Explorer

Starting immediately…

DO NOT use Internet Explorer web browser.
Please switch over to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome until Microsoft releases a patch, probably next week.   All district desktops and laptops have Mozilla Firefox already installed, or you can choose to download Chrome instead.  The vulnerability only affects Windows users and specifically Internet Explorer and the Adobe Flash plugin.

Why are we doing this?
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is advising Americans not to use Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer Web browser due to a security flaw that came to light over the weekend, USA Today reported.  The bug was announced on Saturday by FireEye Research Labs, a California-based Internet security software company. The department recommends that users and administrators use a different Web browser until an update is available. The security flaw allows hackers to get around security protections in the Windows operating system. Users’ computers then can be infected when visiting a compromised website. The hackers inject their code into common websites, and then hidden code on the site infects users.

If you find that a certain application or site requires the usage of Internet Explorer – it should only be used in Enhanced Security mode or if the Adobe Flash Plugin is disabled.

  • You can still use IE if you are running it in an Enhanced Security mode or if Adobe Flash plugin in disabled.
  • The Enhanced Security Mode is enabled by default for versions 10 and 11
  • To Make sure that this option is enabled, please click on the Gear wheel in the right upper corner of your browser and choose “Internet Options”
  • Click on Security Tab and make sure that “Enable Protected mode…” check box is checked.


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