Online registration has closed

Online Registration for existing families has closed and is no longer available.

Q1. What if a parents call/email asking what to do next?
A1.  Online registration is closed – but families will have additional opportunities to update their information. Some schools are proceeding with mailing the household information to parents who did not register online. Other schools will be making the paper version available at the on-site back to school registration in August.

Q2. When will schools receive their census verification forms to mail home to families (specifically the students that did NOT register online)?
A2. We are working on that today –   the first schools that have requested these are CV, WH, and CR  and we’re working on their lists first.

Q3. Overall, what was the turn out for online registration?
A3.  29% turn out, which was up from our initial count of 12% return, but still much lower than we expected.

After we finish up processing the online registration applications, we’ll be reviewing what happened with online registration.  Overall, the response rate was much lower than we expected and the number of technical issues was much higher.  If you have any specific feedback that you’d like to submit –  please email your details to Brian Abeling,


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