New Time Clock System Starts May 19

timeclockStarting Monday, May 19, employees who track their hours through a time clock will see a new device.

The West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education approved the purchase of the TimeClock Plus, an electronic time clock system, at their March 10, 2014 meeting.

The timeline to implement the new system is:

  • May 15: End of the payroll period and last day to clock into the current Kronos time clocks.
  • May 16: Hourly employees will track their time on a manual sheet while the new TimeClock Plus electronic time clocks are installed.

o    Submit your manual time sheet to your supervisor to enter information into TimeClock Plus

o    The manual time sheet is available here>>

  • May 19: Hourly employees clock into TimeClock Plus time clock. The same procedure will be used as is currently used with the Kronos electronic time clocks.
  • May 19-23: Supervisors’ TimeClock Plus training.

The new system will save money in the general fund by eliminating an annual $24,000 maintenance fee charged by the current time clock system provider, Kronos.

In addition, the new time clock system will capture actual time worked with no 15-minute rounding provision.

Contact: Starr Himes, Payroll (Classified), 633-5077

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