Do you Moodle?

WDM staff members..


Do you Moodle?  Are you using our district Moodle server?

Currently we’re running an older version of Moodle and instead of upgrading our existing server, we’re taking a look at moving our Moodle services over to the AEA, through their AEA K-12 Online Moodle Hosting, see for more details.

What’s the advantage?
* We’ll get a newer version of Moodle with additional features beyond what we have now

* AEA has the expertise to maintain and provide new features as they become available.

* AEA has personnel who provide training and support.

What concerns?

* Instead of logging in with your existing computer account (Active Directory account), students and staff will need to log in with their Google Apps account.  This shouldn’t be a problem for 7-12 staff and students, but may be more of a concern for K-6 students, as not all K-6 students use their Google Apps accounts.

Will all of our existing Moodle data/information be moved?
If you request to have your files/information moved, we will move it to the new system.

Why aren’t we just moving all data from all classes?
Most of the classes and content in our Moodle server are NOT being used – they were created years ago and haven’t been used.  Instead of moving everything, we will move just the classes/courses that are actively being used.

I want my classroom Moodle files moved to the new system – who do I contact?
Brian Abeling,   and please let me know exactly which courses need to be moved.



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