Sept 15th PD day

5On Sept 15th, 2014, we are planning a full day professional development for all WDMCS certified staff that will be comparable to the Feb 21st technology PD day from this year.   To see what happened on Feb 21st, check out our page that reviews and summarizes Feb 21st.



Basic math about Sept 15th…
We are estimating up to 650 that might attend.  If we want approximately 20 people per session/group, we’ll need at least 32 trainers.   We are going to hire 10 Google Certified Trainers for the day – and we’ll be asking them to handle the most advanced sessions related to Google and formative assessment tools.

Where will we get the remaining 22 trainers?
That’s where our new teacher leader positions come in.  They will be asked to run additional sessions on various topics for staff.   

Can we provide input for the Sept 15th PD day?
Yes, certainly…   contact Brian Abeling with any comments, ideas, or suggestions related to the Sept 15th PD day.  At this time, we’re just starting the planning – but we hope to have tentative agendas available in June/July.


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