What our staff thinks of our district technology services… 2014 edition

Each year we conduct a satisfaction survey with our school district staff.  It’s a relatively short survey, and we’ve used many of the same questions multiple years in a row. Our goal is to track customer services.  For example, we don’t ask questions related to the latest gadget or gizmo… instead, we focus on fundamental customer service points –  as our belief is that quality customer service will always be needed regardless of the device.

Here’s the results from this years survey with staff, conducted in May 2014.

View or download the entire survey results (pdf file)

Summary of the results…

General satisfaction with response time and communications.

“For the most part, the communication from the tech department has been great. I
can tell the tech team values me and my time. They respond to my questions
and concerns in a timely manner. I get the impression that they are trying to help
me do my job, and I appreciate that.”

“the technology department has always been very prompt when a work order is

dissatisfaction with PrintGroove…

“I am not good with print groove..”

Some, but not universal desire for 1:1…

“Most important is student access to technology. One-to-one devices is a must. I feel like
technology usage has been put on a back-burner by the district. Our students
are behind!!”

“I think moving towards 1-to-1 laptops would be useful”

More consistent Internet access…

“more consistent internet service”

“Consistent internet access!!!”

“I am frustrated with internet outages.”

Either excitement or hesitation about moving to Google…

“Do not go to ONLY Google for all. Do not eliminate Microsoft use within the



How do the results compare to prior years?

access big-picture communicate curteous notification student-needs timely-workorders







How does the survey work?

All staff receive a short on-line survey. Each question is a positive statement such as, “When members of the district technology departments visit my building, they are courteous and treat the staff and students with respect.”   Users are asked to rate the statement as: Strongly Agree,   Agree,  Disagree,  Strongly Disagree, or  I don’t know.

For the summary charts below,  % Strongly Agree + % Agree =  Approval rating (which is the blue bars below).  In other words, we only count if they positively agree with a statement.  If we scored a 90% approval rating, that means 90% of the responses were Strongly Agree or Agree.
For the charts above….
Overall = How we did based on all survey responses
Teachers = How we did based on classroom teacher responses only
Support = How we did based on support staff responses only

What our staff thinks of our district technology services… 2013 edition

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