WDMCS Staff: How to get tech help… entering your own help desk ticket.

WDMCS Staff, helpdesk
All staff members now have the ability to add technology support requests directly in to the tech help desk, here’s how…

  1. Using any web browser, use the following link (copy and paste it into the browser, if necessary):  http://helpdesk.wdmcs.org  (this link is only available while at school)
  2. On the log in page, type your district ID and password that you use to log into the computers at school.
  3. Click on New to create a new Help Desk ticket
  4. In the Describe the problem field, type a brief description of your issue. (you will use the Comment section for more details)
  5. In the Device field, click on the down arrow, then type the asset tag number of the machine you’re referring to. It’s a 5 digit number that is usually written on the side of all desktops and laptops. If your device is not listed, please choose unassigned, then type your asset tag number in the Comment section.
  6. Both Building and Room Number are mandatory fields, so be sure to fill those in. For Building, just click on the drop down arrow to locate your building and for Room Number, type it in the field.
  7. Use the Comment section to fully describe the issue with your device. The more specific you are in describing the issue, the better our technicians when resolving your issue.
  8. Click on Save to submit your request.



———————————-  FAQ’s —————————————————–

Q1. Why the change?
A1.  We’ve allowed staff at Valley High School to enter their own tickets for the last two years and it has worked out really well.  We’re feeling that it’s time to make the change to allow all staff to do the same.

Q2. Can staff still ask building tech/ITAC members for assistance
A2.  Yes, certainly…  you can still ask them for help, but they are also welcome to enter the ticket directly.

Q3. Where do I go to enter the helpdesk request?
A3.  Use this web site  http://helpdesk  , which is only available at school.

Q4. What username/password do I use to log in?
A4. Use your existing network username/password (same thing they use to log into their computer)

Q5. If I enter the helpdesk ticket – do I get email updates to let me know the progress?
A5.  Yes!  This is one of the best reasons to enter the request yourself – so that you get the updates and are informed as to what’s happening.




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