Student computer/network accounts have been reset.

Passwords for all WDMCS student computer/network accounts have been reset.  Note: this does not include Infinite Campus accounts/passwords, they have been left intact.

NOTICE:  Students must log in at school FIRST.  When they log in at school, the system will force them to change their password to something that they prefer rather than a generic password. Once they have changed their password – then students will have access to the S: Drive, VPN access, and a Google account.


Q1.  Why are student passwords reset??
A1. Because a high number of students can not remember their password from the previous year. Over time, we’ve found that it’s much easier to reset all the passwords, this enables students to quickly get back into the system.

Q2.  What is the format of the accounts?
A2.  Same format as last year…    First Initial of First Name (or first initial of nickname, if available), First Initial of Last Name, then student number.

Example:  Will Doe, but goes by Bill Doe, so Bill is listed in his nickname field.  Student number is 12345.

His user id is therefore:    bd12345,  If he doesn’t have Bill listed in the nickname field, then his id would be wd12345.

Q3. What would the students password be?
A3.  Student passwords have been reset to match their unique user id.   Once they log in, the system will require students to change their password.

Q4. If they were a student last year – do they still have the same files in their H drive? 
A4. Students who moved from 6th grade to 7th grade are starting over with new, blank H drives.  However, all other students who had accounts last year, were allowed to carry over their files from last year.

Q5 . How often are accounts made/updated?  In other words – a new student walks in the building, when can they use their account?
A5.  Accounts are process every 6 hours.  This means that in most cases, it will be the next day before all accounts are properly processed.

Q6. Are students computer accounts being run by Infinite Campus this year? or do the buildings manually control the student accounts?
A6.  Students accounts will continue to be run automatically by the information in Infinite Campus.  Several times each day, the system looks to Infinite Campus for new students and/or changes to existing students – and then automatically handles the updates to the student accounts.

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