Upcoming changes to student Google accounts

On June 5th at 12:01am:   All student @wdmtigers.org Google accounts will be deleted.  Next year, students will use @wdmcs.org for their Google accounts.  The following Q&A’s are specific to STUDENT GOOGLE ACCOUNTS ONLY!

Q1.  What happens to all my files (email, videos, Google Drive files)?
A1.  They will be deleted.

Q2.  Is there a way for me to save my files so I can put them back when I get the @wdmcs.org account?
A2.  Yes, you can download your files to your own computer or flash drive – and then upload them back when your @wdmcs.org account is ready.

Here’s a video tutorial that explains two options for downloading your files….


Q3. Why are we changing from @wdmtigers.org to @wdmcs.org ?
A3.  Next year, several schools will be participating in project based learning through New Tech Networks – and they require that all staff and students use the same email domain.

Q4. When will the new @wdmcs.org Google accounts for student be ready?
A4.  At the very latest, all new @wdmcs.org student Google accounts will be ready by June 15th, 2015.

Q5.  Will my password be the same for the new @wdmcs.org student Google account?
A5.  No…  In fact, you will need to activate your new account, you will need to reset your password – and we’ll provide directions when the accounts are ready.

Q6.  What is the full time line related to moving student accounts over to @wdmcs.org?

June 5th, 2015   12:01am:  All student @wdmtigers.org Google accounts will be deleted.

June 15th, 2015:  New @wdmcs.org student accounts will be ready, however, students will have to re-activate their accounts, directions will be provided at this time.   NOTE:  access to Google Drive will ready at this time – but access to email is one week later.

June 22, 2015:  Approximately 5pm:  Email will available to student @wdmcs.org Google accounts.

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