Print Shop and Copiers contract renewed

Our contract for both the district print shop and copiers has been renewed, here’s the most important details for staff…

* Our district print shop will continue to be run and managed by Laser Resources, Inc

* PrintGroove will BE REPLACED.  Starting in early July, a new web site will be launched that gives staff the ability to send in print jobs.

* All copiers across the district will be replaced.  All replacement copiers will have increased capacity over the existing models and all new models will work off your employee badge as they currently do.  The new copiers will be either a Toshiba or a Lexmark – depending on the prior usage of each specific copier.  Copier location will remain exactly the same as they are now.

* Starting July 1st, all certified staff will receive $25 on their employee badge that is available for usage at the copiers and they will also receive $75 on their account at the print shop. (NOTE: your building/departments probably provide you with more than $75 per year – each building sets their own limit.  The $75 is not your cap, it just represents what the district is providing you)


Q1.  What happens to any funds left in my account on the copier – will they roll over so I can use them next year?
A1. No, all copier accounts/funds expire after June 30th and do not roll over.

Q2. I prefer to use the copiers… so I can call the print shop and have them transfer the $75 in my print shop account over to my copier account?
A2.  No.  They will not transfer funds between print shop and copier accounts

Q3. If I have my own department or school funds, can I add them to either the print shop or copier accounts?
A3.  Yes, any time you are providing funding, you are welcome to decide whether they are going to your print shop or copier account.





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