Moodle training through Heartland AEA

If you are transitioning over to Heartland AEA11’s Moodle server, the following training might be of interest to you…

Training for those that have used Moodle:  How to log in, enroll your students, find eCurriculum Content to use in your classroom, updates, new options, etc…

Aug 4 from 8-12  OR Aug 13 from 1- 4     Register here >>

For those wanting credit, time to work on their class and learn the new system there is a 1 credit course offered this summer and the time is :

TE104092111601 Technology for Online Instruction: Moodle (Face to Face) 1 7/7/15-7/24/15*


Teachers will want to do this before we move them over so we can assign the classes to them.  As soon as possible, please create an account in the AEA PD Online  K-12 Moodle server and ask for educator permissions.


Create an account

1) go to

2a) If you want to use your Google Account, click the icon “Login With Your Google Account” and allow Google access to your credentials

2b) If you do not wish to use your Google Account click “Log In” upper right corner then click Create New Account

3) You should not be logged into the AEA PD Online K-12 server- look in upper right, it should have your name

Ask to be an Educator

1) Be logged in- check to see that your name is in the upper right corner

2) Scroll down to Teacher Resources

3) Click on the red words “Request Permission”

4) Scroll to bottom

5) Mark the box to the left of the words “I am requesting Teacher Access to the teacher resources on this site.- the block above should turn green

6) An email will be sent to you when you have been given educator privileges

For more information, contact:
Denise Krefting, AEAPD Online Instructional Designer,

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