Moving to Google Email

Over the holiday weekend, our district will be moving our email services from Microsoft Exchange/Outlook over to Google.   

Parents and community members will still be able to send messages to staff email addresses over the holiday weekend – however, staff will not have access to their email during the weekend.  Staff will get access back on Monday morning.

  • When will staff members lose access?
    Starting at 2pm on Thursday, July 3rd –  WDMCS staff members will lose access to…

    1. the Outlook software on your computer/laptop will stop working
    2. your iPhone, iPad, cell phone and any other mobile device will no longer connect to email
  • When will staff get access back?
    the morning of Monday, July 6th –   be sure to check the district website ( for all the updates and details.
  • What about any emails that are sent to me over the weekend? Will they be lost?
    Incoming emails will be delivered to your account – you will just need to wait till Monday to access them.
  • If I don’t have access to email over the weekend, how will I know when it’s available again?
    Check the district web page ( on the morning of Monday, July 6th we’ll have all the latest details and directions for accessing your email.
  • Will my iPad/iPhone/Cell phone automatically reconnect to my email when the migration is over?
    No… you will need to setup a new connection to get your email/calendar/contacts back on your mobile devices – and we’ll have directions available on next Monday.


Brian Abeling


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