Google Migration Update

As of today, July 9th, we have migrated as much as we can to Google.   Unfortunately, not all items were able to transfer over to our new Google accounts. Here’s a list of each of the Google Applications and what options are available for each…


Google Sites My Google Site is missing? All Google Sites were lost in the migration, users must start over.
Google Plus My Google+ information was not transferred? Google will not allow us to transfer Google Plus accounts – users need to re-setup their Google+ account, and have to manually rejoin any groups they had previously been part of.  If needed, we can provide you with temporary access to your old account to your groups – please submit a help ticket ( with the techs for assistance.
Google Classroom My Google Classroom is blank, what happened? Google will not allow us to copy/migrate Google Classroom. However, Google Classroom stores your data within Google Drive, so if you’re looking for a document, first check your Google Drive in a folder called Classroom to see if it’s there.
Google Forms My Google Form is still on-line, but the data doesn’t appear to be going to the right Google Spreadsheet? See this youtube video for how to fix the issue.

If that doesn’t resolve your issue, please send in a help ticket ( to the techs and we’ll help review it.

Google Groups My Google Groups information wasn’t transferred, I’m no longer apart of the groups that I belonged to. Google was unable to transfer your Google Groups information – however, if you need help accessing your old Google Group memberships, Please submit a helpdesk ticket to the techs.  (
Google Drive Links to documents have changed This is correct – with the migration, your old links will no longer work.  You must UNSHARE your item, then re-SHARE it to determine what the new web link will be for that item.
Permissions from parent folder aren’t trickling down to the child folders. Unshare everything manually, then reshare it.
Google Email I have a folder called “Sync Issues” Does that mean there were problems getting my email converted? No, it does not mean there were problems converting your email.  Instead, we are finding that some users already had a folder called “Sync Issues” in the Outlook – and that was just carried over to Google.
Google Contacts I’m seeing extra people in my contacts that weren’t in Outlook? What happened? Outlook keeps track of all users that you’ve ever emailed and has the ability to turn them into “suggested contacts” – and you had suggested contacts in Outlook. Because the sync erred on the side of caution, thinking that those contacts might be important to you, they were migrated to Google. You may delete any of these unneeded contacts.
Google Blogger I can see my blog on-line, but when I sign in, I don’t have rights to the blog. Submit a help ticket to the techs and we can help resolve this problem.
YouTube My playlists are missing We were unable to transfer playlist, however, channels can be transferred and your playlists will come along with your channel. Please submit a help ticket and we can help you out.
I would like my old channel back Submit a help ticket with the techs and we can help you out.
Google Keep My Google Keep (Notes) did not transfer We were not able to transfer Google Keep items, however, if you submit a help ticket, we can help you gain access to them so you can manually copy them back.



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