Update on new copiers July 11th

Update on the new copiers, as of July 11th…

1. We were not able to finish up all card readers on Friday; LRI will be going around Monday to finish that up.  The schools that are completely done are as follows:  Crossroads, Valley, LRC (Toshiba 5560s), and Indian Hills (Office).  The remaining schools that still need the card readers: Crestview, Fairmeadows, Hillside, Jordan Creek, Stilwell, WCC, Western Hills, and Westridge.

2. OPS copier will be installed on Tuesday.
3. Clive and Southwoods – the new machines are onsite, but have not been configured at all.  I’m assuming we can do this the last week of July, when the facilities are ready.
4. Crossroads – we moved the machine in the media center out of the way of the water – it is unplugged, sitting by the computer table. When it is safe, it can just be rolled back into place and plugged in – it is completed configured and ready to go.

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