FAQ’s about the new copiers

Q1. How do I stop a job if it’s printing and I realize it’s not right?

  1. In the lower-right of the LCD screen, tap Job Status.
  2. Your job will be listed at the top of the screen.  Tap it to select it, then tap Delete.


Q2. How do I log out when I’m done using the machine?

On a Toshiba Copier

  • Press Access under the number pad, then confirm yes on the screen.
  • You may also tap the Function key twice, then confirm yes on the screen.

On a Lexmark Copier

  • Tap Home, then Log Out.


Q3. How do I know how much money I have left at the copier?

When you scan your badge, it will show the remaining amount balance. Each impression is $.005.  Starting the year with $25.00 means you be able to print 5,000 impressions (in other words, 2,500 double-sided sheets of paper).


Q4. How do I clear a jam?

The images on the screen will guide you. If you followed all directions, and it’s still jammed, turn it off and back on to reset the sensors. If it still jams, a step was missed. Follow the directions again, and if it’s still giving errors, please call LRI’s phone number printed on the copier.


Q5. What sizes of paper are available?

LT = Letter 8.5×11
Available at both Toshiba and Lexmark copiers
LG = Legal 8.5×14
Available with Toshiba copiers only
LD = Ledger 11×17
Available with Toshiba copiers only.


Q6. What is the cost per page at the Print Shop

A6. The cost at the Print Shop is lower than the $.005 per impression – and it includes the paper and delivery.  It will always be more cost effective to send your print jobs to the Print Shop versus doing it yourself at the copier.  


Q7. When I use up my $25 allocation, how do I get more?

A7. Contact your supervisor and request an account code that you can use to add funds to your copier account.  Once you have your supervisor’s approval, send the request and account code to Brian Abeling (abelingb@wdmcs.org).


Q8. When I send a fax, I notice that it logs me out right away –  how can I send multiple faxes without getting logged out?

A8.   Sorry, but we have not found a way to stop the automatic log off after a fax.  Currently, you will need to log in again to send your next fax.  As an alternative, we encourage you to scan to email (sending it to your own email and then forwarding them on via email).

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