How to make a Gmail group for your specific class/roster.

Want to build an email group for a specific group of students?  
Rob Wedebrand has been working on this task – and here’s the easiest method that has been found so far…

1.  Send a mass email to your advisory (or whatever target group you want) welcoming them to this school year(this is easy because when you compose an email and start typing in student names it autofills them)

2.  Then go to contacts

3.  Create a new group, and add each student one by one by searching for their name (which now works since you sent the initial email)

Thanks for sharing Rob!



Some additional tips sent in from Carl Sundermann…..
If you want to streamline a little, I have a couple other suggestions:

1) Open your contacts and over on the left, at the bottom, you’ll have “Directory” listed. You can create a group, then just search for who you want to add, and add them that way to your group.

Another way I’m thinking about it is a play off of what you already were doing, but with one fewer step…
1) Use the compose window to address an email to everyone. You can send them the email, or not, that part doesn’t matter…  Just that you have everyone in the TO line. While you are in the TO line, hit CTRL + A to select all names in the TO line.
2) Switch to contacts and create the group. Click the button to add members and paste your list in there.  Everyone from your email will be added to your group, and you didn’t have to retype their names.


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