PrintGroove Issues…

Now that you are back, many of you are experiencing printing issues when using Printgroove.  Hopefully, this email will help resolve many of your questions.
First of all . . .
Use Firefox and Firefox only.  It will not work in Chrome and it will not work in Internet Explorer.
Secondly . . .
The version of Java on your pc may be not playing nice.  In fact, some of you may be prompted to update your Java once you successfully log into Printgroove in your Firefox browser.  If that happens, update it.
Once you update Java, it still may not be playing nice since Printgroove doesn’t want the Java security set so high.  So you’ll need to dumb down your Java security.  There is a handy dandy handout in the K:\PrintShop folder titledPrintgroove New Java Security Settings that will help you with those steps.
And lastly . . .
With the recent update to Internet Explorer, thePrintgroove driver no longer works.  Not on your laptop and not on a desktop.  So the only way to upload documents for printing to the Print Shop via Printgroove, is to go to and upload that way.
When is Printgroove going away?
It’s replacement is being worked on, but we’ve heard that it will be later this fall before the replacement is ready.

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