$25 added to your copier balance

As of today, Sept 23rd,  $25 was added to all certified staff/office staff copier balances.

Although we’re in progress for replacing PrintGroove,  it will be late October before the replacement will be available for testing.  Considering all the problems we have run into with PrintGroove, it was requested that we shift some resources to enable better access to the copiers to get us through until the new system is fully ready.

So where did this $25 come from?
In our contract with Laser Resources, each certified/office staff member was to receive $25 for the copier and $75 for the print shop…  so the change did not cost the district anything, we just re-allocated $25 from your print shop allocation.  Now the allocation for the year is $50 for the copier and $50 for the print shop. Keep in mind – this isn’t a maximum or a limit – your building/department can always choose to add to your copier or print shop allocation.

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